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OUR STORY - Memory, Tradition and Love

John and Tino Procaccini, two sons of immigrant parents from Pettoranello del Molise, Italy (coincidentally, Princeton's sister city), travelled to Italy every summer of their childhood. This annual tradition of visiting their roots instilled within the Procaccini Brothers a love for Italian culture and a true understanding of the integral relationship of food, wine and family to Italians. Back at home in the states, it was further cultivated within them by parents who as a rule cooked and ate at home in a traditional style, using local, organic, farm-to-table ingredients before such words became the familiar terms we hear so often today in conjunction with cuisine and gastronomy.

As youngsters, John and Tino both enjoyed working with their father (who is still to this day an avid gardener) in his near-legendary vegetable and herb garden. Mamma Procaccini would spend countless hours in the kitchen preparing and preserving the fruits of her husband's labor, especially in preparing for their weekly Sunday dinner together. It's a long-standing, unbroken tradition - the Procaccini Brothers still look forward all week to what Mamma has in store for them each Sunday evening.


One of the very few of its kind in New Jersey. Handcrafted in Modena, Italy -- the same town where the Ferrari is produced.


Combining gas-fired technology with the tradition of terra cotta brick, our Pavesi high performance oven cooks pizzas to perfection in under 90 seconds. Radiant heat stored in the oven's natural materials delivers a perfectly crispy crust without sacrificing the quality of our fresh, organic toppings.

Young Tino was Mamma's primo assistente, always watching and helping her prep and cook each day, and so he learned to cook in the ways and traditions of the Old World. Yes, it can also be said that in the past (and especially in Italy), a man in the kitchen was looked upon with curiosity...but Mamma soon realized that this was more than just idle childhood fun for Tino, it was his passion. Ultimately she accepted his love for cooking and taught Tino all the same time-honored methods she learned from her mother.

Older brother John spent more time at the kitchen table enjoying and appreciating the home cooking. Yes, we realize that this is a fancy way of saying "he ate a lot," but within the family home the kitchen table was also a world unto itself, with a never-ending, rotating cast of colorful aunts, uncles, grandparents, and family friends. Even as a young boy, John never left the table when company visited, passing up playing kiddie games with his cousins in favor of joining in grown up conversations. This is how John developed his special skill of hospitality; he identifies himself as being a host, and wants every guest of his to feel satisfied, comfortable, even part of the family.

As adults, the brothers of course soon realized that their talents and personalities were different but complementary. They vowed to create a concept that incorporated their separate skills, as well as their common passion for family, culture, tradition, but most of all good, simple food that is natural, sustainable and organic in the old world sense.

OSTERIA PROCACCINI was founded in 2011. The meaning of "Osteria" is a modest italian eatery; a place where a warm welcome from the family awaits each and every guest, a place where all food is comfort food because you just feel comfortable being there. Our aim is to offer the most delicious home-style food with fresh, organic ingredients and the time-honored method of terra cotta oven cooking. We are proud of bringing something different to New Jersey by introducing artisanal pizzas, salads and specialty dishes made with a passion for excellence and our most important secret ingredient: love.

Procaccini family portrait Procaccini brothers Tino and John Procaccini brothers Tino and John as children